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When they are recycled they can make new bottles and containers, plastic lumber, picnic tables, lawn furniture, playground equipment, recycling bins and more. Patio Furniture - Outdoor Tables & Benches  - Outdoor Umbrellas - Plastic Planks - Jungle Gyms - Steel Frame Furniture - We use plastic bags to carry home groceries.

It's time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! Just because you've got your indoors in check doesn't mean that you should ignore the state of your yard


We offer a 20 year limited warranty and do guarantee our recycled plastic product against damage caused by insects, dry rot, mildew, corrosion and fungal decay. Our warranty covers the composition or makeup of the timber itself. Due to the millions of uses of this product, we obviously cannot cover issues of vandalism, poor or improper installation or any condition or environment that would be considered abnormal to recycled plastic timber.



How long does plastic timber last?


Test results have estimated that recycled plastic will last over 400 years with only minimal degradation. Compare that to a deck or outdoor furniture made of wood!



What is Recycled Plastic Planks?


It is colored planks/poles(timber) made from 100% Recycled plastic that is maintenance free, will not be eaten by insects, and will never splinter or rot.



Is plastic timber environmentally friendly?


YES! Not only is recycled plastic planks / "timber" manufactured from plastics that would have been land filled, it will never leach or contaminate the soil or the ground water, since it is non-porous and contains none of the toxic chemicals found in pressure treated timber. Also the use of plastic timber saves our trees since no wood is used in our products! Finally plastic timber is 100% recyclable.



Do I need special tools to work with recycled plastic?


Plastic timber is just as easy to work with as wood; in some cases our plastic planks is even easier than wood! It can be cut, drilled, routed and nailed using standard woodworking tools. Carbide blades are recommended for best performance.



How about fasteners?


Virtually all deck fasteners can be used with our plastic timber planks. We use stainless steel / zinc plated screws in the manufacture of our outdoor furniture. Plastic timber planks also hold nails and screws 40-50% better than wood. Pre drilling is not necessary, but depending on the application might be preferred.



Does recycled plastic timber planks expand or contract?


Our timber will expand or contract slightly depending upon variations in the temperature. To accommodate potential movement, adequate spacing should be provided between adjacent and abutting boards.



Is recycled plastic timber slippery when wet?


Our Plastic timber product has a wood-like texture which is not slippery wet or dry. In fact, recycled plastic decking has been tested to be less slippery when wet than wood and concrete, which actually encourage the growth of molds and mildews that can be very slick.



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Beautiful plastic furniture is made from strong and durable recycled plastic making them maintenance free, will not be eaten by insects and will never splinter or rot and perfect for commercial or domestic and outdoor use available in multiple sizes and colours




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