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Online Shopping for Recycled Plastic Furniture

The Ultimate Online Shopping Experience for Recycled Green Plastic Furniture!

No need to leave your home or office. Shop from the comfort of your couch, at any time that suits you, a vast selection of products. Read reviews from other shoppers.  So, grab your device, browse through the virtual aisles, and embark on a shopping adventure from the comfort of your own space. Happy shopping! 🛍️🌟

Our prices include 15% VAT (excluding delivery), with an additional 20% extra cost on Red, Yellow, White, and Grey items.

Shear Load options:
Availability Pending on current Orders,- Your Location and your order size.

Kindly be aware that our products are custom-manufactured based on demand and order, resulting in an approximate lead time of 1 to 6 weeks. This time frame accounts for possible delays caused by load shedding and the availability of materials from our suppliers. Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated.

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Get Ready for Your Next Expedition with Our Outdoor Products - Thank You!

"Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor world. Your support contributes to a greener future, one backyard at a time. Stay connected with us for the latest eco-conscious innovations, tips, and inspiration. Let's continue to make a positive impact on our planet, together. 🌍🌱 #SustainableOutdoorLiving"

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