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Recycled Plastic Products

Our prices include 15% VAT (excluding delivery), with an additional 20% extra cost on Red, Yellow, White, and Grey items.

Kindly be aware that our products are custom-manufactured based on demand and order, resulting in an approximate lead time of 1 to 6 weeks.

This time frame accounts for possible delays caused by load shedding and the availability of materials from our suppliers. Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated.

2 Tone London Set

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic 2 Tone Furniture collection, a sustainable and stylish solution for your outdoor seating needs. Crafted from high-quality recycled plastics and featuring a distinctive two-tone design, these furniture pieces offer the perfect blend of environmental responsibility and aesthetic appeal. Whether for residential patios, commercial terraces, or public parks, our 2 Tone Furniture adds a touch of eco-conscious elegance to any outdoor space while contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

**Key Features:**

1. **Sustainable Material:** Our 2 Tone Furniture is made from recycled plastics, sourced from post-consumer and post-industrial sources. By repurposing plastic waste into durable and attractive furniture pieces, we help reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution and promote the circular economy.

2. **Two-Tone Design:** With their eye-catching two-tone color scheme, our recycled plastic furniture pieces add visual interest and sophistication to any outdoor setting. The contrasting colors create a dynamic and modern look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your patio, garden, or outdoor dining area.

3. **Durable Construction:** Engineered for durability and longevity, our 2 Tone Furniture is built to withstand the elements and resist fading, cracking, or warping over time. The recycled plastic material is weather-resistant, UV-stabilized, and low-maintenance, ensuring years of reliable performance with minimal upkeep required.

4. **Versatile Options:** From dining sets and lounge chairs to benches and side tables, our 2 Tone Furniture collection offers a wide range of options to suit your outdoor seating needs. Whether you're hosting backyard barbecues, relaxing by the poolside, or enjoying alfresco dining with family and friends, we have the perfect eco-friendly furniture pieces to enhance your outdoor experience.

5. **Eco-Friendly Lifestyle:** By choosing our Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic 2 Tone Furniture, you're not only investing in quality outdoor seating but also making a positive impact on the environment. Each piece of furniture helps divert plastic waste from landfills, conserves natural resources, and reduces carbon emissions, allowing you to enjoy sustainable living with style and comfort.


- Material: Recycled plastic
- Design: Various designs available, including dining sets, lounge chairs, benches, and side tables
- Color Options: Two-tone color combinations for a contemporary look
- Durability: Weather-resistant, UV-stabilized, and low-maintenance for long-lasting performance
- Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled plastics to reduce environmental impact

**Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Sustainable Style:**

Transform your outdoor living area into a stylish and eco-friendly oasis with our Eco-Friendly Recycled Plastic 2 Tone Furniture. With their sustainable materials, modern design, and durable construction, these furniture pieces offer the perfect combination of form and function for your outdoor lifestyle. Choose sustainability without compromising on style with's 2 Tone Furniture collection.

2 Tone London Set

Seats and Tops: Please Specify @ Checkout
Frame: Please Specify @ Checkout
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