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Recycled Plastic Products

Our prices include 15% VAT (excluding delivery), with an additional 20% extra cost on Red, Yellow, White, and Grey items.

Kindly be aware that our products are custom-manufactured based on demand and order, resulting in an approximate lead time of 1 to 6 weeks.

This time frame accounts for possible delays caused by load shedding and the availability of materials from our suppliers. Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated.

Eco-Recycled Green Plastic Rectangular Design Sheets

Introducing our Eco Recycled Green Plastic Rectangular Design Sheets, the sustainable solution for various indoor and outdoor applications. Crafted from recycled plastic materials, these versatile sheets offer durability, functionality, and eco-friendliness, making them ideal for a wide range of projects and initiatives.

**Key Features:**

1. **Recycled Plastic Material:** Our design sheets are made from recycled plastic, contributing to environmental sustainability by repurposing post-consumer and post-industrial waste. By choosing recycled materials, you support the circular economy and reduce the demand for virgin plastics.

2. **Durable and Weather-Resistant:** These sheets are engineered to withstand the elements, featuring a durable construction that resists fading, warping, and corrosion. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they maintain their integrity and appearance over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.

3. **Rectangular Design:** The rectangular shape of the sheets offers versatility and ease of use for various applications. From construction projects to DIY crafts, the clean and uniform design allows for straightforward cutting, shaping, and installation according to your specific needs.

4. **Green Color:** Our design sheets are available in a vibrant green color, adding a touch of natural beauty and eco-friendliness to any project. The green hue symbolizes sustainability and environmental consciousness, making it an ideal choice for eco-friendly initiatives and designs.

5. **Multi-Purpose Use:** These design sheets have endless applications across different industries and projects. Whether you're creating furniture, signage, artwork, or structural elements, they provide a reliable and sustainable material solution for your creative endeavors.


- Furniture Manufacturing
- Signage and Display Boards
- Architectural Projects
- DIY Crafts and Artwork
- Garden and Landscape Design
- Educational Initiatives


- **Environmental Sustainability:** Made from recycled plastic, these sheets reduce waste and promote resource conservation, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.
- **Durability:** With their weather-resistant properties, the sheets offer long-lasting durability and performance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
- **Versatility:** The rectangular design and green color make these sheets versatile for a wide range of applications, providing flexibility and creativity in design and construction projects.
- **Eco-Friendly Aesthetics:** The green color of the sheets adds an aesthetic appeal that aligns with eco-friendly values, making them a visually pleasing choice for environmentally conscious projects.


Experience the intersection of sustainability and functionality with our Eco Recycled Green Plastic Rectangular Design Sheets. Whether you're embarking on a DIY project, crafting furniture, or implementing architectural designs, these versatile and eco-friendly sheets offer the durability and aesthetics you need while minimizing environmental impact. Choose sustainability with our Eco Recycled Green Plastic Design Sheets from

Eco Recycled Green Plastic Rectangular Design Sheets - 2.4m x 1.2m

Colour: Please Specify @ Checkout
  • Eco Recycled Green Plastic Rectangular Design Sheets

    Size 2400 X 1200mm

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