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Eco Recycled Plastic Outdoor Products

Our prices include 15% VAT (excluding delivery), with an additional 20% extra cost on Red, Yellow, White, and Grey items.

Kindly be aware that our products are custom-manufactured based on demand and order, resulting in an approximate lead time of 1 to 6 weeks.

This time frame accounts for possible delays caused by load shedding and the availability of materials from our suppliers. Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated.

Recycled Plastic Pont Bridges

Recycled Plastic Pont Bridges, engineered to provide sustainable and durable solutions for crossing waterways, streams, and wetland areas. Crafted from high-quality recycled plastic materials, these pont bridges offer a eco-friendly alternative to traditional bridge construction while delivering exceptional strength, longevity, and low maintenance requirements. Whether used in parks, nature reserves, or residential landscapes, our pont bridges combine environmental responsibility with practical functionality to create safe and reliable crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.


Key Features:

Sustainable Materials: Our pont bridges are constructed from recycled plastic materials, sourced from post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles and containers. By repurposing these materials, we reduce environmental impact and contribute to the circular economy, making our bridges a sustainable choice for eco-conscious projects.

Exceptional Durability: Engineered for strength and resilience, our recycled plastic pont bridges offer superior durability and weather resistance. Unlike traditional wooden bridges, they are impervious to rot, decay, and insect damage, ensuring long-term performance even in harsh outdoor environments.

Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, our pont bridges offer hassle-free ownership and operation. Unlike wooden bridges that require regular painting, sealing, and repairs, our recycled plastic bridges are virtually maintenance-free, saving time, money, and resources over their lifespan.

Customizable Designs: Our pont bridges are available in a range of sizes, configurations, and styles to suit various project requirements and aesthetic preferences. Whether you need a simple footbridge for pedestrian traffic or a larger span for cyclists and maintenance vehicles, we can tailor the design to meet your specific needs.

Quick and Easy Installation: Designed for ease of installation, our pont bridges come pre-fabricated and ready to assemble on-site. With simple bolt-together connections and lightweight components, installation is quick and straightforward, minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment.



Parks and Nature Reserves

Trail Systems and Greenways

Residential Developments

Golf Courses and Recreational Facilities

Wildlife Refuges and Conservation Areas

Public Gardens and Botanical Parks



Environmental Sustainability: Made from recycled plastic materials, our pont bridges reduce reliance on virgin resources and help divert plastic waste from landfills and oceans, supporting a more sustainable approach to infrastructure development.

Long-lasting Performance: Engineered for durability, our recycled plastic bridges offer exceptional longevity and resilience to environmental factors, ensuring reliable performance and safety for pedestrians and cyclists over many years of use.

Low Maintenance Requirements: With minimal maintenance needs, our pont bridges offer cost savings and operational efficiencies over their lifespan, eliminating the need for regular painting, sealing, and repairs associated with traditional bridge materials.

Customizable Options: Available in various sizes, configurations, and finishes, our pont bridges can be customized to fit the unique requirements and aesthetic preferences of each project, providing flexibility and versatility in design.

Quick Installation: Designed for easy assembly and installation, our pont bridges can be installed quickly and efficiently with basic tools and equipment, minimizing construction time and disruption to surrounding areas.



Upgrade your infrastructure with our Recycled Plastic Pont Bridges, where sustainability meets functionality in a durable and eco-friendly solution. Whether spanning waterways, wetlands, or nature trails, our pont bridges offer safe and reliable crossings for pedestrians and cyclists while reducing environmental impact and promoting a greener future. Experience the benefits of recycled plastic bridges with

Recycled Plastic Pont Bridges 1.0 x 900 x 900 P/M


    Recycled Plastic Pont Bridges. These sustainable bridges are crafted from high-quality recycled materials, offering both beauty and durability. Whether you want to gracefully span a tranquil pond or create a stunning focal point in your garden, our eco-friendly bridges are the perfect choice.


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    ETA 1-6 weeks pending on work load / colour and meterials from

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