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Recycled Plastic Products

Our prices include 15% VAT (excluding delivery), with an additional 20% extra cost on Red, Yellow, White, and Grey items.

Kindly be aware that our products are custom-manufactured based on demand and order, resulting in an approximate lead time of 1 to 6 weeks.

This time frame accounts for possible delays caused by load shedding and the availability of materials from our suppliers. Your understanding and patience during this process are greatly appreciated.

Flintstones Picnic Sets

Flintstones Pub Picnic Set, a charming addition to any garden, patio, or outdoor space. Crafted with durable materials and featuring a whimsical design inspired by the beloved Flintstones cartoon, this picnic set combines vintage style with modern functionality. Whether hosting a family picnic, barbecue, or casual gathering with friends, the Flintstones Pub Picnic Set provides a fun and inviting setting for dining and socializing outdoors.


Key Features:

Flintstones Inspired Design: Our picnic set draws inspiration from the iconic Flintstones cartoon, featuring playful details and characterful motifs that evoke the spirit of Bedrock. From the stone-like textures to the prehistoric accents, every element of the design pays homage to the beloved animated series, making it a delightful conversation piece for outdoor entertaining.

Pub Style Seating: The picnic set includes a sturdy table and accompanying benches, designed in a classic pub style for casual dining and relaxation. The 1.8-meter length provides ample space for seating up to six people comfortably, making it ideal for family picnics, small gatherings, and intimate meals outdoors.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, including weather-resistant timber or recycled plastic, our Flintstones Pub Picnic Set is built to withstand the elements and resist rot, decay, and fading over time. Whether exposed to sun, rain, or snow, this picnic set will maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

Versatile Usage: Whether placed in a backyard, garden, park, or patio, the Flintstones Pub Picnic Set adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to any outdoor setting. It's perfect for family picnics, children's parties, themed events, or simply enjoying a meal alfresco while reminiscing about the golden age of animation.

Easy Assembly: The picnic set comes with straightforward assembly instructions and all necessary hardware included, making it easy to set up and enjoy right out of the box. With simple assembly steps, you can have your Flintstones Pub Picnic Set ready for use in no time, allowing you to focus on creating memorable moments with family and friends.



Material Options: Weather-resistant timber or recycled plastic

Design: Flintstones-inspired pub picnic set

Seating Capacity: Suitable for up to six people

Dimensions: 1.8 meters in length (customizable)

Color Options: Various finishes available to suit your outdoor decor


Enhance Your Outdoor Entertaining:

Add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your outdoor space with our Flintstones Pub Picnic Set. Whether for family gatherings, themed parties, or casual meals outdoors, this charming picnic set provides a fun and inviting setting for dining and socializing with loved ones. Bring the spirit of Bedrock to your backyard with's Flintstones Pub Picnic Set.

Flintstones Pub Picnic Sets 1.8m

  • Size --- 1850 x 1650 x 750



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