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Plastic & Steel Infused Outdoor Dining Sets

We have a wide range of Home and lifestyle furniture for sale and made to order including steel frame tables , rustic or natural farm-style tables , oval tables , X-Leg designs as well as custom or bespoke designs if required

Steel Frame Furniture , Powder Coated with Solid Plastic Seats 350mm and Tops 800mm x 750mm 

 Powder Coated Options

powder coat options

We have a wide range of furniture made to order the steel frame tables , rustic or natural farm-style tables , oval tables , X-Leg designs as well as custom or bespoke designs if required.

Our timbers and finishes are all local and sustainable and we use only recycled plastic and our finishes are also water based or Eco – friendly and have been chosen to perfectly accentuate our range.
Our range of gorgeous Home & Lifestyle furniture is suited to all styles and tastes is available both from our online store throughout South Africa as well as our walk in store in Johannesburg. We are also a furniture manufacturer and supplier to the Hospitality and Lifestyle Industry

Steel Frame & Powder Coated / Hammer Tone / Sprayed Colour Options
Solid Plastic Seats 350mm -Tops 800mm W x 750mm H and 1.8m or 2.4m Long

Square Blue Frame

The square blue frame that anchors our picnic set is more than just a frame; it's a testament to engineering excellence. It provides unparalleled stability, ensuring your outdoor dining experience is enjoyable and secure.


From picnics in the park to gatherings in your backyard, our Picnic Sets with X Frame become the canvas upon which your outdoor meals blend convenience with design, culminating in a dining experience that stands out.


Plus Frame Steel Picnic Sets

Our picnic sets offer more than just a place to dine; they provide sprawling platforms for your outdoor feasts. The Plus Frame design ensures everyone has plenty of room to relax and enjoy.


Picnic Set with a W Frame

Get ready to take your outdoor dining experience to a new level with our Picnic Set featuring a robust W Frame, where durability effortlessly marries style to redefine your al fresco adventures. 🍽️


Our picnic sets aren't just tables and benches; they're sprawling platforms for your outdoor feasts. The wide open frame design ensures everyone has plenty of room to dine in comfort.


Our U-Frame Picnic Sets offer a harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics and practicality. They stand out as the ideal choice for those who appreciate modern design and the ease of outdoor dining.


A-Frame Picnic Sets

Our A-Frame Picnic Sets offer a delightful blend of timeless aesthetics and practicality. They stand out as the perfect choice for those who appreciate classic design and the convenience of outdoor dining.


Our Freestanding Picnic Table offers a perfect blend of portability and stability. It stands out as the ideal choice for those who appreciate the flexibility of outdoor dining without sacrificing a sturdy dining surface.

steel-picnic-free standing.webp

The Duel Steel Frame Bench doesn't just look good; it offers a comfortable and spacious seating experience. It's like sitting on a throne, enjoying the serenity of your outdoor kingdom.

dule steel frame bench

In the world of outdoor seating, the Steel Wheelchair Picnic Bench is not just another piece of furniture; it's a symbol of inclusivity and accessibility that brings everyone together in the great outdoors.

Steel wheelchair  picnic bench

Our Steel Patio Bench offers the ideal combination of rugged construction and comfort. It stands out as the perfect choice for those who appreciate robustness and the joy of outdoor relaxation.


Rectangle Modern Steel Frame Set offers the perfect combination of modern aesthetics and durability. It stands out as the ideal choice for those who appreciate the clean lines of contemporary design and the sturdiness needed for outdoor use.

Rectangle Frame steel-modern-dining-set-315x174.webp

A sturdy and stylish patio table to complete the picture. When it comes to outdoor furniture, the Steel Modern Patio Table stands out like a diamond in the rough.

Steel Modern Patio Table

Steel Frame Furniture: Where Durability and Style Unite for Unparalleled Seating Excellence

Prepare to elevate your seating experience to new heights with our Steel Frame Furniture, a realm where durability harmoniously fuses with style to redefine the very essence of comfortable seating. 🪑💪 In this world, our meticulously crafted furniture, featuring meticulously powder-coated steel frames and solid plastic seats and tops, promises not just an enhancement to your seating solutions, but a transformation.

Why Choose Our Steel Frame Furniture?

Here, you'll find a fusion of strength and elegance that transcends the ordinary: A perfect balance of sturdiness and style that results in seating excellence par excellence. 🏢✨ Our furniture reimagines the way you furnish your spaces, offering not only a reliable structural foundation but also an unmistakable touch of sophistication that distinguishes it from the ordinary.

Unveiling the Power of Steel:

  1. Robust Construction: Our steel frames are not just frames; they're a testament to engineering excellence. They provide unparalleled stability and longevity, making them the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor settings where durability is paramount.

  2. Powder-Coated Perfection: The impeccable powder-coated finish that graces our steel frames serves a dual purpose. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal, adding a layer of elegance to your surroundings, but it also guarantees resistance against rust and corrosion. Even in the face of challenging weather conditions, your furniture retains its brilliance.

  3. Solid Plastic Seats and Tops: The seats and tops of our furniture are a testament to comfort and resilience. Crafted from durable solid plastic, they provide not only a comfortable seating experience but also ease of maintenance. Spills and stains are no match for these resilient surfaces.


Crafting Comfort and Style:

From offices where professionalism meets design to cafes where ambiance matters as much as the menu, our Steel Frame Furniture becomes the canvas upon which your seating solutions blend durability with design, culminating in an unparalleled seating experience that truly stands out.

Ready to Redefine Seating Excellence? and embark on a journey where robustness and elegance converge to create seating solutions that not only endure but also inspire.

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