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Recycled Plastic Timber Poles

Eco Green Recycled Plastic Poles and Bollards

Our Recycled Poly-wood Timber Plastic Poles and Bollards are a great choice for outdoor projects that require an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution. Made with recycled plastic, these poles and bollards are strong, weather-resistant, and resistant to UV rays. Say goodbye to traditional wooden posts and hello to a sustainable solution.

Recycled Plastic Wood has the highest level of UV protection against direct sunlight so will stay looking new for longer, and is maintenance free. Plastic Wood will never rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter, and is impervious to moisture, insects and fungus.

To slightly restore the colour to your outdoor furniture, take a soft wire brush to its surface and then use gentle heat from a hair dryer or blow torch and the pigments will become more noticeable on the surface of the plastic. You can also “blend” in any light scratch marks or scrapes using this gentle heating method


Plastic Poles & Bollards

Green Plastic Colours
Standard Colours

Charcoal Black - Blue - Green - Brown

Special Orders

24 dia. Bollard round x 1200
32 dia. Bollard round x 1800
40 dia. Bollard round x 1800
58 dia. Bollard round x 3500
76 dia. Bollard round x 2900
88 dia. Bollard round x 2900
98 dia. Bollard round x 1800
98 dia. Bollard round x 3500
150 dia. Bollard round x 1800

green timber plastic poles
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